Odds are that if you’ve heard of Zyliss before, it’s for their kitchen gadgets like their deluxe cheese grater, food chopper, or deluxe garlic press. Zyliss does cookware too.

Zyliss’ line of Ultimate Nonstick Fry Pans has it all. They are dishwasher safe and safe with metal utensils. They have a non-stick coating reinforced with ultimate ceramic coating leading to great kitchen performance. A softtouch ergonomic handle makes them comfortable to use while being durable and heat resistant. They are ovensafe to 356° F. They are usable on any type of burner, gas, electric, and induction.

This may sound like just repeating their promotional material, but it’s true. James and Lynelle have both used one of these pans in their home, and they both love them. For James, it’s now his go to pan. He loves that it’s dishwasher safe (it’s been through the wash at least 5 times with no loss of the non stick coating and no scratches).

SANE has these new Ultimate pans in 8″, 9½”, and 11″ sizes. We’ve also have a value set with the 8″ and 11″ pans together.

We encourage you to give them a try. You just might find that they become your favorite pan too.

Zyliss Isn’t a Name You Normally Associate With Cookware. Maybe You Should.