July is National Grilling Month, but we say why wait?

SANE has everything you need for a fun and delicious season of grilling.

You already know we carry the basics: tongs, spatulas (long and short), grill brushes, skewers.

All of these items are in stock now and ready for grilling season, whenever you start.

We also have grill prep stations (very popular last year) and grill baskets for things like vegetables or fish.

New this year are smoker boxes and wood chips. Soak a puck of concentrated wood chips (Apple, Maple, or Hickory) in water, put them in a smoker box, and keep the grill lid closed to infuse your food with smoky goodness. Works with both charcoal and gas grills.

Also new this year is a wireless thermometer and timer from Escali. Insert the probe, take the monitor with you, and walk away (up to 65 feet). It clips on your belt or sits on a stand (included).

Set a target cooking temperature (it includes presets for beef, lamb, veal, hamburger, pork, turkey, chicken, and fish or set your own) or doneness (medium rare, medium, etc.) and you will be alerted when that temperature is reached.

It can also used as a count up or count down timer.

Lastly, we have Non-Stick Grill Wipes. They make it easy to clean and (non-stick) oil your grill. Just take a wipe, use your grill brush to push it around your grill grates, and they are cleaned and oiled, ready for you to cook.

Are you ready for National Grilling Month? Get there with SANE!