Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we’re slowing down at SANE. I’m not going to go over everything that’s new, just some highlights. You can always check out our New Items page in our online catalog.

One of the coolest of our new products is a new line from Farberware called Neat Nest™. Why are they cool? Because the smaller ones nest inside the larger ones, including lids and handles. This saves a LOT of space.

So far we have

  • 10 piece sets (2 and 4 quart sauce pans; 3½ and 6 quart saucepots; and 10½" and 12" skillets)
  • 6 piece sets (1, 2, and 4 quart covered saucepans)
  • 3 packs of skillets (8″, 10½”, and 12″)

However, there are always some items that are only available in-store. Right now, we have a lot of new items for use with your microwave.

We have a microwaveable 3″ mix & melt cup (with marks for 1 cup and 2 cups)
Tired of cooking/reheating one plate at a time? We have stackable trays made just for plates.
We’ve also have covers for whatever dish you’re putting in the microwave (left). On the right is a great new gadget: the Perfect Pop. Put it on top of a microwave-safe bowl, pour kernels into the top cup & squeeze, heat it up and you’ll have just the right amount of popcorn. The silicone lid will stay on your bowl, keeping everything inside.

There are always new items coming in to SANE. Stop by and see what’s new!

New Items at SANE!