I've lived in this part of town all my life and had never heard of it until I came across it on Google. This place is very hard to find but is absolutely a "hidden gem" for those in need of kitchen and sewing supplies. Also worth checking out for those who are remodeling their kitchen or just need new appliances.

thumb T King
August 10, 2018

My kitchen and sewing room would be bare if not for the many items I have gotten from SANE. The have all the basic tools and gadgets as well as countertop appliances…my lasted gadget is their Cousinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven! Love it. They also have beautiful fabrics including batiks. Their fabric is not the thin stuff you find on sale elsewhere but nice quilting weight cloth that will last. Make sure to check out the sale items on the left when your first ever. Fun items to make your food prep easy and efficient.

thumb Diane Hoelle
October 30, 2021

A cook's paradise!! Huge variety of everything you need in a kitchen!

thumb Bev Hunnicutt
June 4, 2021

Lots of fabric and kitchenware. Very helpful staff.

thumb J Cafera
February 13, 2022

Great place to find good housewares friendly always helpful

thumb Sandra Gudgell
November 30, 2020

Very clean, relaxing. Really polite and helpful staff, Great prices! Will definitely go back! (Make sure you take/have cash.)

thumb Leah PotatoQueen
June 4, 2019