Welcome to the NEW SANE Web Site

After a rough start, we are proud to show off the design of our new web site! It has been in the works for many months. We’ve been looking for better functionality as well as a better appearance, and we think we’ve got it.

Blog and Catalog Combined!

In the past, our blog and catalog used different platforms, making the difference in their appearance rather jarring. Now, both are combined into a single platform.

This will allow us to better tie the two together. Blog entries can easily reference products.

New Look

The new site has a very different visual design than the old one.

The category listing has moved to the right side, making the product information more prominent.

We’ve also included a selection of new items, each with a “New” badge at the top left of each, making them easier to find. The “New” badge isn’t the only one. We’ve picked out a number of products popular with quilter’s. They’re called, oddly enough, “Quilter’s Favorites.” Look for them throughout the Sewing section.

Important information is still displayed on the main page. Information about purchase orders, shipping costs, and minimum order is still there.

We’ve also added a set of links at the bottom of each page, in the dark area. So important information is always available. Information like requesting a quote, requesting a print copy of our catalog (coming very soon!), a link to the 2020 catalog, contacting us.

The category and product pages are also presented differently. Larger product pictures all around, enabling you to better see what they look like. Product pages include some recommendations for related products, like sanding sugars to go along with icing coloring.

New SANE Main Page
New SANE Main Page

New SANE Category Page
New SANE Category Page

New SANE Product Page
New SANE Product Page

Improved Navigation

We’ve taken the original 64 categories on the old site and condensed them down to 19. We hope the new category setup makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. As you click on a category, it expands to show you subcategories. You should be 3 clicks or fewer away from the vast majority of our products. If you prefer searching, our new site does a better job of returning relevant results.

More to Come!

There are other important changes to our site coming in the near future, so stay tuned!

New SANE Web Site Deployed!