For us, the busy summer season is mostly over. That doesn’t mean that it’s time to relax, though.

We’re hard at work on our 2021 catalog! We have lots of new items that we’ll be adding and we’ll also be adding them to our web site. As some product areas change so quickly, it would be very difficult to accurately depict everything for an entire year in a print catalog, so we’ll also be adding a number of items just to our web site.

James likes to call this time of year “New Item” Season. Manufacturers discontinue items or product lines. We evaluate what sold (or didn’t sell) over the past couple of years and decide what areas should be expanded or contracted. Sometimes entirely new product areas get added (e.g. sewing kits).

If you want to see what has been added to our web site in the last 30 days, check out our New Products! page. It will always contain a list of all of the products that have been added in the past 30 rolling days.

Right now, there are a few new products there (scales, cutlery, etc.) , but it’ll start filling up FAST!

“New Item” Season is Here!
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