Every 2 years, Hamilton put on a street festival called IceFest. If you haven’t been before, there’s lots to see:

  • Live ice sculpting
  • Food
  • Special events at some of the stores along High St.
  • Vendors selling all sort of things (not necessarily ice-related)

Check out their event page on Facebook for more information. about what’s going on.  There is too much  for me to recap here!

IceFest runs from 5 PM Friday, 1/18 through Saturday at 9 PM.  Much of it is on High St, but a number of side streets have things happening as well.

The theme of this year’s IceFest is Game Night, so every ice sculpture will have something to do with a game. SANE’s ice sculpture is a thimble (think Monopoly). Bring in a picture of yourself and our thimble (on your smart phone is fine) and get $5 off of a purchase of $25 or more.

Don’t go to IceFest just for our thimble, there’s a lot to enjoy!

Check out SANE’s sculpture at Hamilton’s IceFest