So, I had some cookies and I had some buttercream frosting.  We here at SANE just introduced new additions to our cake/cookie/cupcake decorating line in the form of some snazzy CK Products decorations and tools so I thought I should have some sugar-fueled experimental fun.

After dividing my buttercream and coloring it with some lovely bright pink, turquoise, blue, and purple I loaded up my decorating bags.  Have I mentioned this was the first time I’d decorated cookies?  It’s harder than it looks.  I ended up plopping the bag into a tall glass to steady it and felt extremely self-congratulatory about my ingenuity.  Then, I wanted to chill the frosting without it leaking all over my fridge.

Gripstics to the rescue!  I sealed the bags and after they chilled, I trimmed off the tip of each bag and then loaded all four bags into single bag a la my YouTube hero Rosanna over at Nerdy Nummies.

I then proceeded to pipe frosting.  I should say rather, that I attempted to pipe frosting.  Again, way harder than it looks.  I agree with my colleague Amanda that frosting-related injuries are a potential hazard.  If your frosting is too firm or, (in my case) your decorating tip is too small, you will get carpal tunnel for sure.  Anyhow, I persisted and piped out a crazy collection of rosettes and squiggles that did end up looking oddly cute if not exactly photo-shoot ready.

But did that stop me?  No!  I have taken loads of pictures (including the moment where melting purple buttercream started lava-ing all over my hands) to share with you.

For my final flourish, I dusted our new Edible Luster Dust in Shiny Silver over the whole thing and viola!  Unicorn Cookies!

Why “unicorn”?  Other than the fact that I have a low-key unicorn obsession, I thought the color selection was very unicorn and also, well, luster dust.  Need I say more?

Stay tuned as I get a different decorating tip, work on my piping technique and try again soon!


Adventures in Frosting
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