Poster MyPlate: Start Simple


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The 2020 MyPlate message is “keep it simple” and this poster shows how easy it is to take MyPlate everywhere. Here are three easy steps:

  • At Home: When you’re at home, it can be easy to make your plate look like MyPlate. Just grab a 9-inch plate out of your cabinet and fill half of it with fruits and vegetables. They can be in the form of a salad, a soup, sliced fruit, whole fruit — anything you like! Then, divide the other half of your plate between whole grains, lean protein, and nonfat dairy. You can top your salad with a scoop of rice and lentils, stir plain nonfat yogurt into your soup to give it more heft, add a side of grilled chicken or fish, or sprinkle things with a bit of reduced fat cheese, as just a few examples. The possibilities are endless!
  • At a Restaurant: It’s still simple to follow MyPlate at a restaurant — just visualize a balanced MyPlate as you make your order. Keep fruits and vegetables as the focus and remember to choose lean protein over fattier cuts of meat, whole grains instead of refined grains, and low to no-fat dairy instead of full-fat options. Your server can help you make any substitutions you might want to bring your plate closer to MyPlate too.
  • At Work or School: Packing a lunch? Balance your bag just like MyPlate! Most of what you’re eating should be fruits and veggies, so make that the focus of your lunch and use any snacks you pack as an opportunity to add whatever MyPlate elements you need to include for the day. For example you could pack an apple with low-fat cheese, celery with peanut butter and raisins, a vegetable and fruit smoothie or a combination of different vegetables with hummus. All are filling snacks that focus on the elements of MyPlate that best boost your health.
Poster MyPlate: Start Simple