Dritz Mr. Tailor Dress Form


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Adjustable male dress form to assist you when tailoring and altering men’s pants as well as shirts and jackets.

  • Adjustable in precise increments at chest, waist and hips with pin cushion on neck cap for easy pin access and storage
  • 12 soft-grip adjustment wheels roll easily with thumb or finger and include inch and centimeter markings
  • Neck size can be adjusted for proper fitting of shirt collars and extended shoulders assist with support and setting in sleeves on shirts and jackets
  • Adjustable back waist length provides up to 2″ of additional length and shaped crotch area supports designing and fitting of pants
  • Adjustable height for customizing to full body length measurement and for assisting with pants hemming
  • Center pole is used for shirts and jackets and off-set pole option allows for straight hanging of pants legs
  • Neutral cappuccino colored cotton/polyester fabric with foam backing for easy pinning and marking when tailoring and making alterations
  • Upgrade your dress form with this wheeled base for easy movement.  See Item #12989!
Size Adjustment Range
Back Waist Length:15″-17″
Shoulder Width:16½”
Center Pole to Floor Height:62¼”
Offset Pole Shoulder to Floor Height:72¼”
Dritz Mr. Tailor Dress Form


Dritz Mr. Tailor Dress Form

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