Sugar Shocker Foods Handouts – Discontinued


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The Sugar Shockers™ Foods Handouts feature an eye-opening look into surprisingly sugary foods. From frozen waffles and sugary cereals to macaroni and cheese and fruit-flavored yogurt, foods on these nutrition education handouts are shown photographed side by side with their equivalent number of sugar cubes the portion contains. You’ll be amazed just how much sugar is found in some common favorite foods. Includes tips for reducing your sugar intake.

Sometimes the difference between choosing good nutrition over unhealthy options is simply understanding how unhealthy some choices are. These colorful handouts make it easy to process and remember the nutritional value of some of our favorite foods. The healthy eating tips spur ideas that help everyone make changes to diet that lead to healthier bodies, longer lives and new appetites for healthier foods! SPECIALLY PRICED!! ONLY 5 PIECES LEFT!

8 1/2″ x 11″, 50 sheets, 2-sided

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Sugar Shocker Foods Handouts – Discontinued