Food Safety Temperatures Poster


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Learning Objectives and Benefits:

  • Food safety poster defines all of the up-to-date, proper temperatures for food safety from the USDA.
  • Freezer and long term freezer storage
  • Proper refrigerator temperature range
  • Whole meat versus ground meat
  • Proper poultry temperature
  • Reheating leftovers and casseroles
  • Meat temperatures
  • Danger zone
  • Ultra danger zone
  • 1-2 hour throw it out for danger zone
  • Holding hot foods
  • Boiling at sea level and altitude
  • Great addition to your kitchen, restaurant, cafeteria, classroom and any food preparation area where you need to remind everyone about proper temperatures for food preparation
  • Includes icons and colors for easy understanding
  • Laminated
  • 18″ X 24″
  • Temperatures and tips from Cheryle Jones Syracuse, MS.
  • Source: USDA
  • References and more information URLs given too
  • It also makes a great classroom poster plus it can be used as a school cafeteria poster.
Food Safety Temperatures Poster