• *Trumpet Fanfare* The 2022 SANE Catalog has arrived!

    After many, many painstaking hours, the new 2022 catalog has been completed. The PDF is available right now by clicking on the cover page link to the left or by clicking on the link in the footer (“2022 SANE Catalog (PDF download),”

    Physical copies of the catalog are being printed as we speak and are being sent out to our mailing list shortly.

    If you are not on our catalog mailing list, you can join by filling out our Request a Catalog form.

We’ve added a lot of new products to this catalog, but we don’t just add new items once a year. We’re constantly evaluating and adding new products. You can always see what’s new at https://www.sanefcs.com/tag/new/

The 2022 SANE Catalog is here!